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Singer Tax & Accounting, PC offers professional bookkeeping services for your business – both small and large. If your records are not organized or if you’ve neglected your bookkeeping and it’s not up-to-date, put your trust in our pro bookkeeping staff to get your books in order and reconciled for tax purposes and your financial/bank statements.

  • We can work with Quickbooks if you don’t have an accounting person on your staff.
  • We can set up your Quickbooks to effectively and efficiently according to your business and needs
  • We can visit your office when necessary or routinely on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • We can set up payroll
  • We can take the stress away!

Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for Taking care of our what was a disorganized mess! You have made our businesses run a lot smoother, and given us more time to make money, besides the financial statements are a lot cleaner and we do not hear the phrase, YOU NEED A BOOKKEEPER!

Diana & Tiffany


We were lost before! With your help in setting up Quickbooks, we are now able to track where our money is going and how much and from where it is coming in. This has helped our bottom line tremendously.

Mike & Michelle

Small business owners in Scottsdale

Important Bookkeeping Information for Arizona Business Owners

Call (602) 482-8006 for Bookkeeping & Financial Statement Help from a CPA Now!
As a business owner you know and understand the importance of keeping tidy books. Not only is this important for preparing financial statements – profit and loss, balance sheet, statement of cash flow, and income statement, but it’s vital for obtaining a loan or seeking financing from a third party. If you need assistance with getting your books in order, please contact Singer Tax & Accounting, PC, PC today to learn about how we can assist.
Bookkeeping Best Practices
As you may be aware, C-suite is a slang term for the most important senior executives at a company, as all the top titles tend to begin with the letter “C”, such as chief executive officer or chief operating officer. Your company’s C-suite is the most influential group of people in the organization and is crucial to its success. Therefore, finding and grooming your future C-suite leaders should be seen as a critical aspect of succession planning.

Make Sure the General Ledger is Up-to-Date
Keeping proper track of your business’ general ledger is a key component to making sure your books are in order by having accurate data pertaining to assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses.

Create Accurate Financial Statements
Every business needs to have at the very least a profit and loss (P&L) statement; however, many go a step further and prepare financial statements – Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet, and Income Statement are among the most common.

Hire an External Auditor
An external auditor is a great option for many business owners, as it helps to validate one’s bookkeeping and financial statements – preventing fraud and theft from taking place internally.

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