Traditional CPA Conducting Tax Accounting

The traditional view of the CPA as the tax preparer and number cruncher is no longer held as the general public better understands the increasing range of skills associated with CPAs. A typical CPA can provide you with estate planning services, investment advice and assistance when it comes to diversifying investments. Here are a few more ways in which a CPA can help your business.

  • Consulting Services: A CPA can offer objective advice in financial and strategic areas; whether you are an individual, small business, or large corporation.
  • Assurance Services: As well as providing you with traditional auditing services, such as examination of a public company’s annual reports, CPAs are in demand because of the existence of niche areas of assurance.
  • Forensic Accounting: This is also known as investigative/fraud auditing and involves a CPA digging beneath a company’s accounting records to see if there is any evidence of criminal activity.
  • International Accounting: There are CPAs with an understanding of international trade laws and regulations, which makes them a hot commodity in today’s global economy.
  • IT Services: The immense growth of information technology (IT) has created opportunities for CPAs with computer skills that are needed to design and implement complex systems for their client’s needs.
  • Tax & Financial Planning: You can rely on a qualified CPA to help you when it comes to investments, taxes, financial planning, acquisitions, mergers, and much more.
  • Environmental Accounting: CPAs who specialize in this area will design preventive systems and conduct compliance audits.

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